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Johnny Popcorn I own everthing (Official Video)

Johnny Popcorn I own everthing (Official Video)

JOHNNY POPCORN WANA PRE ORDER W.A.N.A is the music that we all have been waiting for and wasn’t aware that we were. Johnny Popcorn shows us how to seamlessly go across genres showing us all their influences. At one point they’re punk, another the funk, another classic rock. The lack of fear and timing remaining impeccable throughout. The opening “I Own Everything” thrusts you into the stark stripped reality of Johnny Popcorn. Hezekiah and Jani Coral explore the precarious relationship that POC have with this country and the reality that they have created and own everything but not really. The harsh futuristic but bare bones production is the perfect pairing with their vocals. “Gods Vs. The Wicked” is the Johnny Popcorn at their best. It’s melodic, moody, prophetic and sultry, without being uninteresting and overly complicated. They use the opportunity wisely to integrate autotune as a creative touch and not as a crutch. It’s this type of creativity that shines thru time and time while lyrically exposing some timely and poignant questions. “Cold War” follows with a very surfer punk influenced track just think the B-52s on steroids, with a touch of classic rock. It’s uses this speed and power to expose the brutal stark reality of this cold life. “I Own Everything” remix closes the EP. The remix utilizes Hezekiahs soul and funk background to perfectly frame Jani Corals’ soothing voice in such a way that might have been missed in the original version. It’s an alchemic example of how to perfectly change production to change the impact and feeling of a song. W.A.N.A is a perfect example of creating without fear, without boundaries. Johnny Popcorn uses this opportunity to let their maturity speak thru the music to show us all the way. Welcome to the revolution. Hear Their story on Beat Society PODCAST 
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